The Best Content Platforms for Freelancers

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Finding clients and creating a schedule of steady work can be tough to say the least.

For the most part, you’re always on the offensive, which means pitching article ideas, meeting deadlines, and worst of all, tracking invoices. With that in mind, what if you could work within one platform that streamlines all of those tasks for you? Better yet, what if you could tap into a steady stream of work with reliable clients that pay quality rates for your efforts?

Thankfully, there are a few content platforms that keep freelancers’ best interests in mind, so if you’re ready to start working smarter instead of harder, here some resources for you to consider:

Develop Content Packages On

Rather than aiming for Fortune 500 companies, keep in mind that the global marketplace is teaming with clients who need steady content.

That being said, developing content packages on is a great way to diversify your client base and gain reliable work. After you create a freelancer profile, you can categorize your services into whatever field matches your expertise. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, then you can place yourself in the category of illustrations and graphic design. If writing is your thing, then place yourself in the category for articles and blog posts.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Once you’re setup, you can then create separate gig packages that each include different services you’ll provide with a set price. Here’s a quick example of what you can offer:

  • Package One: 1 article with a 1000 word limit for a base price of $100, which includes spin content for a social media post

  • Package Two: 3 articles totaling 3000 words for $300 and spin content for social media or metadata

  • Package Three: 5 articles for $450 with relevant spin content for social media, metadata, and a specially designed social media graphic

The idea is to mix up your services and attract a wide variety of clients with affordable packages. Plus, you can include…

  • work samples

  • video assets

  • graphics

  • or anything else you think will help you make the conversion

After you land the job, you can also enjoy an effortless management system that allows you to message with clients, submit your finished product through the platform, and receive payment from the client with the service acting as a middleman to ensure reliability.

There are thousands of people searching for talented creators like yourself, so if you have a lot of skills to offer, create as many packages in whatever categories you want. With a bit of time and experience, you can even work your way up to becoming a Fiverr Pro, which means better clients and more money.

Create a Portfolio on

Interestingly enough, Fiverr is the parent company of Clearvoice, so freelancers looking to expand their reach should combine their Fiverr gig packages with a CV portfolio to easily share with potential clients.

Clearvoice is a unique platform because its main objective is to connect top-notch clients (marketing firms, major brands, small businesses, major corporations) with experienced freelancers. Of course, anyone (no matter what experience level) can sign up for Clearvoice for free, but the ultimate goal is to use your existing bylines or past creative projects to show off and build a reputation.

Courtesy of Chase Maser and

Courtesy of Chase Maser and

That being said, what makes Clearvoice special is the digital portfolio that it offers to anyone who creates a profile. Imagine a service where you can easily link your past bylines from multiple sites into one place that clients can interact with, read snippets from, and quickly learn more about what role you played on a project and get a sense of your overall work ethic? That’s what Clearvoice does for you, along with giving you a space to…

  • link social profiles

  • add your education history

  • include work experience

  • hook viewers with a short bio

  • categorize your links into different sections that clients can search for

In addition to the portfolio, once you link enough bylines to get approved by the team (don’t worry, you can still take advantage of the portfolio features without getting fully approved), your profile is then made available to the wider talent network where clients can actively find you, save your profile, and assign projects to you.

This is all backed by an expert support staff that helps you navigate projects and answers any questions you may have along the way. Not to mention, the revision process is streamlined with intuitive editorial functions, and you can enjoy secure payouts that go straight to your PayPal account upon a project’s completion.

To learn more about Clearvoice and its services, click this link and start your CV asap.

Enhance Your Pitching Skills on

With a blend of high-quality clients and everyday marketplace consumers, Upwork is a popular freelancer platform that relies on your pitching skills to acquire new jobs.

Pitching is an essential part of a freelancer’s workflow. Whether you’re a videographer or a journalist, you have to come up with engaging titles, compelling outlines, and fair prices that attract clients and prompt them to take a chance on your expertise. With Upwork, all you’re doing is improving this skill and seeing what sticks.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

At times, the constant grind of pitching can get troublesome if you’re not getting clients to work with you, but that just means it’s an opportunity to refine your skills and boost your creativity for a variety of marketplaces. If and when you finally do land a client, Upwork offers…

  • a secure platform that allows for direct messaging with clients

  • simplified payment methods with third-party services or direct deposits

  • specialized portfolios to feature work experience, education, certifications, etc.

  • a huge network base with verified clients looking for talent

The only downside to Upwork is that the service is only free up until a certain point. The free version gives you a limited amount of proposals that you can submit each month, so if you want to throw out multiple lines at once, you might have to spring for a monthly plan that’s pretty affordable. Even booking just one client takes cares of that, so it’s worth the investment nonetheless.

Keep Track of your finances with

Lastly, this may not be a dedicated content platform, but AND CO certainly has tons of benefits that freelancers should add to their professional arsenal.

Courtesy of AND.CO

Courtesy of AND.CO

AND CO is your one-stop shop for financial services. Even though the other platforms above offer built-in payment services, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your finances with an outside source that makes things effortless. Remember, being a freelancer means that your tax situation every year is bound to be a headache. Needless to say, you can save yourself some time by staying organized with helpful features like…

  • quick and efficient invoicing

  • the ability to generate attractive proposals

  • develop legitimate contracts with guidance from the Freelancers Union

  • keep track of expenses for tax time

  • track time spent on projects and assignments for accurate pricing

  • manage your tasks with the My Desk feature that prioritizes deadlines and boosts your efficiency

Once again, AND CO is a perfect partner for managing clients outside of major platforms, but it’s also useful as an asset if you’re looking to enhance your bookkeeping for any of the services above. It’s also worth mentioning that AND CO is another resource under the Fiverr branch, and becoming a freelancer with them automatically sets you up with AND CO sat your disposal.

AND CO is entirely free when working with one client, and if you want to use the platform for unlimited clients, you can unlock all features and remove the company branding on documentation for only $18 a month. Click here to start your free trial!

See what works best for you

Being versatile is an important part of growing your business, so why not sign up for all of these platforms and see what works best for you?

Photo by  Ali Yahya  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

With each one, you’ll get a sense of how your work is received, how to brand yourself to certain clients, and most of all, how to bring stability to your lifestyle without burning the midnight oil. Over time, you’ll no doubt fall into a routine with reliable clients, and hopefully, you can develop a schedule that caters to the career you envision.

After all, isn’t that why you became a freelancer in the first place? Don’t waste another second worrying about where your next project will come from; get started with these platforms today!